QWhat Is the Difference Between HDCVI Camera and AHD Camera?
AFirstly, 1.0MP AHD camera at the end of June began to trial-produce, AHD camera and HDCVI camera on the assembly process have almost no difference, but the assembler or find some di...
QHow to reply remotely from CMS Server
A1. Start the schedule recording in CMS settings. 2. Open the remote replay service by local IP address and port 9000. 3. Define the remote login user (which is used to login this se...
QHow to control PTZ Camera with external keyboard via RS232 port
AThe keyboard only output control signal from RS485 port ,so we have to connect it into COM port for controlling. Normally we use Keyboard to control analog PTZ camera. Actually we c...
QWhy Said IP Camera is Superior to The Analog CCTV Camera
AIn most cases, when pepole are thinking about installing a new video surveillance system, then they have to decide between an IP Camera System or CCTV Camera System. We can solve yo...
QHow to choose and buy NVR
AAlthough as a storage device, NVR obviously is not just the upgrade version of DVR, both connection terminal and the difference of storage capacity, have disruptive change. So, some...
QWhy said NVR has indeed been replaced with a full DVR foundation?
AFrom comparison on the product level, Network Video Recorderhas indeed with the foundation to fully replace the DVR. And from the market level, NVR also have trend to fully replace ...
QHow to set running mode
ASee below picture for the interface of Running Mode: [Active Connection Mode]: The surveillance central actively searches for or manually adds DVS network information. [Passive Conn...
QHow to upgrade DVR firmware
A1. Overview If you want to upgrade DVRs Bios or Langue configuration file, you can reference this guide.But first you should have the upgrade file which named *.bin. 2. Process 2.1 ...
QHow to set IP Camera motion detection
A1.Login the camera over IE. 2.set motion detection 1) click Alarm button 2) click Motion button 3) select detect sensitivity , it has 1-5 degree sensitiviy. 5 is the highest degree....
QHow to visit the IP camera for mobile phone over internet
A1.Wireless Router setting 1)set the Router IP address is 2)Enable wifi, wireless mode select G-only SSID is ip camera, wireless channel is 6-2.437GHz., 3)set WIFI securi...
QHow to visit 3G IP camera through 3G network
A3G IP Camera 3G IP Camera transmitting video through 3G network 1) Run CMS soft on computer 2) Click button to enter the local setting and select . Select passive mode. The default ...
QHow to visit the camera through Iphone
A1. Overview 1.1 General Introduction This users manual is to help you install and use the mobile phone monitor software which is based on Apple iphone OS. 1.2 Feature This software ...


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